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Alegra Spa

You have arrived, relaxed, and fell in love with Ein-Kerem. Don't miss an opportunity to experience the spa; All is left is to choose from the variety of treatments and massages which are a gift to body and soul.


At Alegra Boutique Hotel you will find an intimate spa designed in the hotel's elegant style. Everything was designed with a relaxing and luxurious experience in mind.

Our experience shows that aromatic oil and quality candles are just a part of the ultimate spa experience and our spa is also focused on those who make the massage soothing, releasing and tailor-made for you: the therapist staff, who specializes in a variety of massage techniques and wish you leave the spa at your best. Would you rather invite a room massage, for a completely personal atmosphere? Our staff will be happy to come to you, just specify upon booking if you would rather have a masseur (male) or a masseuse (female).


Massage is just the beginning
Want to complete the experience? Alegra's Rooftop space is the perfect place to rest in front of the magical Ein-Kerem and Judea mountains views. Entrance from age 18+.


 .Important: to ensure a perfect massage, you should book it at least 4 days prior to arrival. Treatments are from age 18


Treatment menu

*You should book it at least 4 days prior to arrival


The Scandinavian: Holistic Swedish massage

The Swedish know a thing or two about the good life. As far as massages go, they are considered the TOP.

Out therapists pay tribute to the Swedish tradition and give an indulging massage for muscle relaxation, stress relief, and freedom from all locked-in pressures. The massage will not only calm you but stimulate your bloodstream.


Everything you wanted to know about Alegra spa Swedish holistic massage:

  • Careful selection of oil: We massage with grapeseed oil which is gentle on the skin and nourishes it with essential acids
  • Duration: 50 minutes.
  • Price: 600 NIS for a double massage | 330 NIS for a single massage


The thorough: Deep tissue massage

Everyday life turns swiftly from fast to stressful. Our therapists will release you from every drop of stress with the deepest massage.

Whether you are an athlete or perhaps living at a fast pace, your muscles are likely to be tense. The good news: they can be released. Deep tissue massage is focused on releasing the tension which accumulates in the muscles and tissues that surround it. After the massage you will feel immediate pain relief and an intoxication sense of calm and release.


Everything you wanted to know about Alegra spa deep tissue massage:

  • For the intense: Of you would rather have a gentle massage, deep tissue massage is probably not the best choice for you. This is a treatment which those who are fond of intensive massages especially appreciate
  • Duration: 50 minutes | 75 minutes
  • Price: 970 NIS for a long double massage | 670 NIS for a short double massage | 550 NIS for a single long massage | 350 NIS for a single short massage


The focused: Reflexology

According to the secrets of over a century-old method, the therapists massage your feet and give the best to the whole body

Reflexology is based on an approach whereby the feet are the mirror of the entire body and through their targeted massage the body's condition can be improved. People all over the world love this method since it drains toxins, relieves stress, and even pain.


Everything you wanted to know about Alegra spa reflexology

  • Calms the soul: Reflexology the whole body as well as the soul, and many people claim that this treatment especially calms them
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Price: 600 NIS for a double treatment | 330 NIS for a single treatment


The friendly: pregnancy massage

Pregnant women can also indulge. The massage is gentle and suitable for women in their second and third trimester.

Our spa specialized in pregnancy massage, focused on the lower back and pelvic pain relief. Not only is it relaxing, but it can also relieve feet edema and prepare the body for childbirth.


Everything you wanted to know about Alegra spa pregnancy massage:

  • 16+ weeks: This massage is suitable for women in their 16+ weeks of pregnancy
  • Certified therapists: only certified therapists who specialize in pregnancy massage give it at the Alegra spa.
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Price: 330 NIS for a single massage


The "Over the top": 4 handed massage

There is no more wrapping and harmonic massage than a four-handed massage.

We are not the first to claim that "the more, the merrier". A 4 handed massage takes a massage which is already indulgent and brings it to new heights. You are welcome to an experiential massage provided by 2 therapists at the same time. Many say that this treatment was a rebirthing experience that recharged them and was unlike anything they had ever tried before.


Everything you wanted to know about Alegra spa 4 handed massage:

  • Beyond calming: a 4 handed massage is considered a spiritual experience which releases body and soul
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Price: 1000 NIS for a double massage | 560 NIS for a single massage


The hot: Hot stones massage

The native Americans knew a thing or two about energies, release, and relaxation. The massage technique they have developed is especially warm and releasing.

Our therapists use hot stones and deep contact of the body's energetic centers to unblock, release and relax body and mind in a unique and effective massage.


Everything you wanted to know about Alegra spa hot stones massage:

  • Much more than warm: The stones not only warm, but release energies, and some would say open Chakras.
  • Duration: 50 minutes | 75 minutes
  • Price: 1000 NIS for a long double massage | 720 NIS for a short double massage | 550 NIS for a long single massage | 380 NIS for a short single massage


The warmer: Alegra winter massage

We keep this massage as a part of our treat arsenal for the cold winter days.

Numerous words have been said and written of the Jerusalem winter. It is undoubtedly cold, but to be sure, it has its magic. Part of the magic, with us at Alegra, is the winter massage we have developed – an exclusive treatment that combined gentle massage with warm aromatic oils and body peeling.

The peeling prepares the body for the massage. Our therapists concocted the peeling salts from Dead-Sea salts combined with concentrated herbal extracts. It helps regenerate skin and relax muscles. The peeling, combined with a gentle massage stimulates the bloodstream, giving a fresh feeling of rejuvenation and cleansing.


Everything you wanted to know about Alegra spa winter massage

  • Advanced: you can ask for this treatment to be combined with hot stones
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Price: 860 NIS for a double massage | 450 NIS for a single massage



What else would you like to know about our spa treatments?

  • Our place or yours? Treatments are given in the hotel's therapy room or in the guest's suites upon request.
  • Our guests enjoy more, from massages as well – the prices listed are for Alegra Boutique Hotel guests only. What more? With extra charge you can upgrade to a 90-minute treatment.
  • Tell us if you would rather have a male or female therapist when booking the treatment.


In order to ensure the best possible care, please note:

  • Treatments for pregnant women will be done from week 16+ of pregnancy, provided the pregnancy is normal.
  • Treatments cannot be booked if 6 months have not passed since surgery of any kind.
  • In the case of malignant disease, one year must pass from the end of the last treatment.
  • In the event of a cardiac problem, high blood pressure, high fever, illness, and the like, you must consult our spa manager.
  • Body treatments will be provided to guests from the age of 18+ only.
  • Cancellation of treatment must be notified 4 hours in advance, to avoid payment of 50% of treatment value.

No multiple discounts and promotions.

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