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About Alegra Boutique Hotel

A Jerusalem boutique hotel that sees things differently. The hotel breathes life into a romance which overwhelmed Jerusalem and is an integral part of the picturesque Ein Kerem neighborhood's aesthetics.


In the heart of Ein Kerem neighborhood lies the Alegra Boutique Hotel, an exclusive focus of fine design and tranquility. The hotel was established in 2011 out of a connection to the neighborhood and a genuine-Jerusalem love story. It is a quiet, upscale design hotel, which leaves plenty of room for romance, dreams, and relaxation.


The hotel has just 13 suites and rooms, designed in a unique style that reflects the neighborhoods' spirit and incorporates oriental motifs, in a sophisticated fusion of old and new. The choice of a small hotel with an intimate atmosphere allows us to give each guest a unique experience accompanied by a personal touch.


More than a hotel – business and pleasure at Alegra
Inside one of Jerusalem's most beautiful buildings, Alegra Boutique Hotel offers more experiences other than suites and accommodation. At the hotel, you can also find a well-equipped business lounge as well as an exclusive event space for small and special events.


The hotel is not just a place "to put your head down", but one which will allow you to enjoy the quiet, splendor, and complete relaxation experience. The choice of a quiet neighborhood, the combination of elaborate spas and rooms with armchairs for relaxation and reflection, create tranquility that is hard to imitate, but easy to indulge in. Breath deeply into a Jerusalem experience with maximum privacy and peace of mind


Design and décor
Spectacular design led by "Lavan Architects" gives the hotel an exclusive atmosphere, with a unique signature to each suite or room.
The prestigious design is influenced by oriental motifs with a delicate and refined presentation. 

Every corner will give you a small peek at Ein-Kerem and Jerusalem


The story
The love story of Alegra and Jabra Francis, the royal and controversial couple of Ein-Kerem, is the inspiration for the hotel's design. The bold romance took place in the 1920s. A Jewish girl named Alegra fell in love with an Arab-Christian man, Jabra Francis, and decided to run away and marry him in secret.
The house where the couple lived with their family, which the locals refer to as the "House of the Jewish Girl" was converted into the Alegra Boutique Hotel, and continues, about a century after  the original love-affair, to be a focal point of romance and thinking outside of the box.
• What is more romantic than an exciting, against all odds, love-story?


The connection to Ein-Kerem and Jerusalem
The hotel is located at the heart of Ein-Kerem, a neighborhood in which tourists from all over the world have described as magical and picturesque. From a Belgian chocolate factory to the Sisters of Zion (Notre Dame) monastery, the entire neighborhood is magical and full of surprises and cuddly corners; Galleries, cafes, restaurants, and churches line the streets and provide a wealth of experiences for travelers


The quiet area provides corners where one can sip a glass of wine, converse with others, and if you will, to take a snapshot that will make people wonder whether you are in Tuscany or Provence. The old city, The National Museum and The Knesset are a short commute away, so once you wish to experience the culture and rhythm of the city, you can easily do so.

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