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Boutique events at Alegra

Tailor-made events are an inseparable part of Alegra's charm. The hotel houses a special space for exclusive events and intimate conferences.

With a building full of splendor, a breathtaking view and the perfect atmosphere, there's no wonder the hotel has also been upgraded to an arena of unforgettable events and small refined gatherings.
When celebrating, you want the best: the view which will be reflected in the event's photos, the atmosphere felt by every single guest and the unique flavors that were tailored to your concept. The event space offers the perfect place for any purpose, so whether it's a family celebration or a business gathering, you can rest assured that all the little details will be no less than perfect.

The full experience – celebration, vacation and relaxation
To make the most of the festive gathering, you can combine a stay at the hotel. You can book suites for the guests of the exclusive gathering and keep making memories.
You should consult us about creating the best package for your event, we will guide you through all the details, starting with choosing the perfect intimate space, to the breakfast of the following morning.

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